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AR&D Inc. Pressure Cleaning, Soft Wash and Paver Sealing


Pressure Cleaning Services

External House Cleaning

From traditional weatherboard to rendered surfaces and everything in between, we can transform your home. Our high pressure cleaning equipment removes dust, dirt, cobwebs, flaking paint and all other foreign debris leaving your house looking fresh and clean. Services in: Pembroke Pines, FL, Weston, FL, Miramar, FL and all Broward and Miami.

Sidewalk Pressure Cleaning

Driveways and Sidewalk 

Our high pressure cleaning equipment can remove mould, grease, dirt, oil and any other stain from all types of driveway surface in Pembroke Pines, FL, Weston, FL, Miramar,FL and all Broward and Miami.

Gutter Cleaning Services

Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Face Cleaning 

Over time, gutters can fill up with pine straw, leaves, dirt and other debris. Once they become clogged, they will not function properly. Rather than diverting the water away from your home, clogged gutters will actually flood, causing damaging water to seep into the eaves, and walls of your home causing rot and possibly even foundation problems. 

Pressure Washing Services

Builders Clean-ups

As a consequence of working on muddy and dirty work sites paths, roads and walkways can become affected therefore causing an unsafe environment for your staff and the public. Our services include a prompt 24 hour response to your pressure cleaning requirements restoring your workplace to a safe situation.

Pressure Cleaning Common Area

Entertainment Areas

Transform your tired looking exterior to a fresh and clean looking entertainment area that will make your friends and neighbours jealous. We can pressure clean pavers pools and patios so they will sparkle also adding thousands of dollars of value to your home.

Pressure Washing Deck

Timber Decking

Our Low & high powered pressure cleaning equipment can also clean timber decking as mould and mildew can not only make your timber look old and tired but can also cause a slippery and dangerous surface. Your timber deck will look new and will be safe to walk on so you will want to spend more time with your family in the great outdoors.

Rust Removal Services

Rust Stains Removal

This service is preformed with special techniques to remove rust stains. 
This service is preformed with special techniques to remove rust stains. 
This service is preformed with special techniques to remove rust stains. 
This Service is performed with specials techniques to remove rust stains. Call for details !!!!
Pressure Washing  Services

Pressure Cleaning Walls

We can pressure clean all types of wall surfaces and materials including bricks, bluestone, concrete and rendered finishes.

Shingle Roof Cleaning

Mold Prevention 

This service is offered to prevent mold and algae that accumulate on the roof for months. It is applied once the roof is clean. (Recommended for use annually) Call for details!!!  

Window Cleaning Services

Window Cleaning

We cleaning all types residential window (outside only)

Chemical Roof Cleaning

Tile Roof Cleaning and (Shingle Soft Cleaning)

Our professional roof cleaning service in Pembroke Pines, FL, Weston, FL, Miramar, FL and all Broward and Miami is performed with  special washing techniques (Non pressure roof cleaning) that are safe for all roofs. (Shingle roof, we recommend SOFT WASHING with chemicals) Call us, we know how to do.

Blacktop Coating Sealer

Blacktop Sealer Driveway Coating

Driveway Sealcoat is an asphalt emulsion based sealer designed to beautify and protect, with services in Pembroke Pines, FL, Weston, FL, Miramar, FL and more city.

Storefront Pressure Cleaning

Pressure Cleaning Services

Storefront cleaning first impressions are everything. The exterior of your business is your first impression to your customer. It is the first thing a customer sees when they arrive at your business, and can possibly drive away potential customers. Storefront, Hialeah pressure washing is one of the most important services that a business can utilize to make their location appear clean and professional. From your awnings to your building and your concrete sidewalks to your windows. AR&D Inc. Pressure Cleaning is your solution here in Pembroke Pines, FL, Weston, FL, Miramar, FL and all Broward and Miami, will present your business with a clean image.  CALL NOW!!!

Paver Maintenance (Paver Re-Sand and Sealing)

Paver sealers are designed to protect paver surfaces without changing the look, color, or appearance of the paver surface. They chemically react below the surface to form a hydrophobic barrier within the pores that will cause water and other liquids to bead off the surface.

Paver Re-Sand Services
Driveway re-sand and Sealing

Maintenance Programs !!!
Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, semi-anually or annually!
AR&D Inc. Pressure Cleaning makes it quick and easy to keep your residential or commercial property (Association HOA) looking its very best all year round.  When you sign up for one of our routine maintenance programs, it eliminates the hassle and inconvenience of having to schedule cleanings - we simply show up on the pre-scheduled date and time and Get the job done !!! 

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