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Pressure Cleaning and Paver Sealing

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#1 Pressure Cleaning and Paver Sealing in Pembroke Pines, Weston, and Miramar, FL.
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   AR&D Inc#1 Pressure Cleaning in Pembroke Pines, FL, Miramar, FL, Davie, FL and Weston, FL with the BEST QUALITY and most reliable pressure cleaning service with LIC & INSURED in Fort Lauderdale, Broward and Miami Dade, rust removal service, shingle and tile roof cleaning (Non Pressure Roof Cleaning). We are specialists in Paver re-sand, Paver Sealing, Travertine Sealing and driveway blacktop sealing coating to residential properties.

AR&D Inc. Pressure washing and paver sealing, offer a comprehensive outcome to your specific pressure cleaning requirements. We can ensure an immediate response to your enquiry and provide a consultation and solution within 15 min. or less. Our industrial strength is suitable for any situation (Soft cleaning or High pressure) from external residential and commercial pressure washing. We at AR&D Inc, take pride in knowing we leave our customers extremely happy. 

We offer a superior quality services for affordable rates. Our years of experience in the power washing business is what sets us aside from other power washing companies in Fort Lauderdale, Broward and Miami Dade. Owner Ricardo Rivera thrives himself on exceptional customer service and quality work. 

AR&D Inc. Pressure Cleaning and Paver Sealing Services, offers free quotes to any business. Don't waste your time and money,  Call us!! AR&D Inc. Pressure Cleaning and Sealing today for your free quote. We assure you that you will be extremely happy.


Our places of pressure cleaning and washing services with paver sealing are: Fort Lauderdale, FL, Pembroke Pines, FL, Miramar, FL, Weston, FL, Hialeah, FL, Coral Springs, FL, Parkland, FL, Pompano Beach, FL, Southwest Ranches, FL, Plantation, FL, Sunrise, FL, Davie, FL, Miami Lakes, FL, Kendal, FL, Doral, FL, Key Largo, FL, Homestead, FL, and all Broward and Miami Dade. 

Number one goal is to serve our customers with the highest level of honesty and workmanship. Our integrity will never be compromised. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The best way to clean your roof
without  mistreating it, (Soft washing)
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high pressure cleaning on your roof .
The High Pressure Cleaning

Non Pressure Roof Cleaning, Weston FL.

Non Pressure Roof Cleaning in Pembroke Pines, FL, Weston, FL, Miramar,FL, Miami Lakes, FL and all Broward and Miami.

Our Non Pressure Roof Cleaning safely removes mildew without damaging your roof or rinsing harmful chemicals onto your property.

The roof cleaning could last more than 2 years !!!

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Exterior House Wash Special

(Up to 2000 Sqft. Home)

* Includes: Gutter Cleaning and

Exterior House Washing.

** Extra fee for roof cleaning (Non Pressure Roof Cleaning Service). 

Additional fees may apply.

AR&D Inc. Travertine Sealing.

Travertine Sealing

Paver and Travertine sealers are designed to protect paver surfaces without changing the look, color, or appearance of the paver or stones surface. The sealants highlight the color in the paver and stones, giving a precious look. They chemically react below the surface to form a hydrophobic barrier within the pores that will cause water and other liquids to bead off the surface.  

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AR&D Inc. Wood Fence Pressure Cleaning, Davie FL.

Paver,  Re-Sand and Sealing.

   We are specialists in Travertine and Paver sealing in Pembroke Pines, Weston, Miramar, FL and all Broward and Miami.

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Paver Re sand and Sealing Services, Pembroke Pines FL.

8 Benefits to Sealing Brick Pavers

A lot of people wonder if it’s worth it to seal brick pavers. Although it’s not an absolute requirement, there are many benefits to taking the extra step. Below are some of the advantages of sealing your brick pavers.

#1: Helps with Repelling Water Damage:

Water damage can be devastating to the look and feel of your brick pavers. So taking the extra step to seal them can make them look a lot better and last longer.

#2: Helps with Stain Repellant:

No matter how careful you are with walking or driving on your brick patio or driveway, there are always going to be stains that happen. Sealing the pavers will help with repelling the stains that oil, grime, and grease cause.

#3: Helps with Cleaning:

Since the sealant will help with repelling the stains, a sealed patio or driveway is going to be a lot easier to clean than one that hasn’t been sealed. So you have more time to enjoy your patio or driveway.

#4: Enhances the Look:

When your pavers have been sealed, they are going to look great for much longer. They also are going to last a lot longer than those that aren’t sealed.

#5: Strengthens Your Pavers:

Sealing your pavers will help with making them stronger. This can help you with saving money since you won’t have to replace them as often as you would if they hadn’t been sealed. There is a lot less chance of cracking and breaking.

#6: Help Withstand Weather Conditions that are Harsh:

Even if you don’t have to worry about ice and snow, heavy rains and hail can be just as damaging to your brick pavers. Once they are sealed, however, it can help with giving them strength to stand up to harsh weather.

#7: Reduces Cracks and Loosening:

Not only do cracks and loose bricks look awful, they also can be dangerous since it can cause someone to trip and fall. But when you seal your pavers, this can greatly help with reducing the large amount of loose and cracked pavers.

#8: A re sand with Sealing, Help to Restricts Growth of Grass and Weeds:

There is nothing more unsightly than having grass and weeds come up between your pavers. But doing a re-sand and sealing them can stop for a time the grass and weeds from growing up in between the bricks.


As you can see, there are many benefits to sealing your brick pavers. They will last a lot longer, they will look a lot better, and they will require a lot less maintenance and very important to know what type of sealer your paver needs, not all sealers are the same.  Call Us!! (954)793-5302.